Natural treatment for infertility for female | 10 Tips for a Healthy Pregnancy

Are you in infertility problem? Looking for natural treatment for infertility for female? Now I will try to suggest 10 Tips for a Healthy Pregnancy and discuss about natural treatment for infertility for female. The research suggests that falling sperm counts in industrialized countries around the world. Chemicals which mimic the action of estrogen in the body, especially pesticides, said to have come from likely. In many countries it has become a major area of ​​concern. This is useful to avoid chemical or other toxins.

natural treatment for infertility
natural treatment for infertility

I have reduced sperm count in the past 50 years, please note that he has spent more than 50%. Interestingly, the study of organic farmers (who had a significant reduction in the number of sperm) and farmers opposed to using chemicals have shown that increasing the number of sperm. The content of meat from cattle fattened and are not crossed with estrogen (available at Whole Foods Market and meat do so), who have problems with his wife pregnant is important. Melatonin, nifedipine and verapamil (a common heart and blood pressure medications), or excessive alcohol also may cause reversible male infertility.

Men can do to improve sperm count and mobility There are several natural treatment for infertility for female:
  1. women high doses of vitamin C can cause infertility, vitamin C, and for males increased from 500 to 1,000 mg per day increased, with a marked effect on sperm count and mobility that. Vitamin C also protects the sperm from genetic damage that can cause cancer and genetic diseases in children. Twice a day to take the 500mg, for example, 20 percent of male infertility can cure infertility
  2. Astragalus, herbal remedies can improve sperm motility by 50%.
  3. Research and intramuscular vitamin B12 (which is very safe) of high doses has been shown that it is possible to increase the sperm count in 50% of men with low counts. The dosage used in the study, intramuscular, 1500 〜 6000 MCG significantly higher each day. The tablet is convenient, you can absorb only a fraction of the orally administered vitamin B12, the treatment must be administered by injection.
  4. Day Coenzyme Q10 200mg / is (to use the many other forms of Vitaline only if poor quality) is very useful.
  5. 4 grams of L-day low on sperm motility or sperm count - nine grams of salt a day is useful aspartic acid, arginine.
  6. Ginkgo biloba, an herbal remedy taken by 120mg twice a day can help erectile dysfunction. It takes about 6-12 weeks to start working.
  7. Acetyl - L - carnitine for 4 weeks can increase the motility of sperm from 1.5 to 3 grams daily (1500-3000 mg).
  8. Or 200 mcg of selenium per day (but there is not much higher doses may be toxic). Energy recovery systems to take multivitamins with 200 micrograms of selenium a good idea for men and women (49 and other essential nutrients) is provided.
  9. Vitamin E 400 IU per day (more) Also, you can boost male fertility.
  10. 50 mg of zinc per day for four months is also useful.
  11. Soybeans and soy products to increase the production of estrogen (e.g. tofu, miso, tempeh, and soy milk) can significantly reduce the number of sperm.

What is the risk of these treatments do?

The more natural treatment, but often have side effects, is generally safe. I have too much iron can be toxic and the level of the iron before administration of the iron (shown above) prefer to check. 3-4 months (in the presence of genetic iron overload disorder), the risk of taking the iron for, however, is low. The main side effects of taking high doses of zinc intake in the short term are nausea.

10 Tips for a Healthy Pregnancy is publish tomorrow. Just follow this blog on those best tips.

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