Best treatment for depression without medication | Drugs

Are you looking for the treatment for depression without medication? Depression is the most common problem of the young age. I am also face the same problem some time. But I overcome those problems just maintain some tips and tricks. And I believe those are the best treatment for depression without medication or drugs. I will try to show step by step for your easy understanding.

treatment for depression without medication
treatment for depression without medication

  1. As much as possible you cut refined sugars out of your diet. Some time depression linked to low serotonin levels in the brain and sugars also give temporary boost to serotonin. When depressed people, many of them crave sugar. But the boost is only temporary and you will crash latter. You should be temped by sugary foods. 
  2. You should eat the proper foods and also take multi vitamin. If you always ate the well-balanced diet, your body is more and more likely good and functions properly. 
  3. You should exercise regularly, only exercise gives you a natural high and adrenaline rush. Exercise can boost mood for hours at a time. Just try to exercise on a regular basis. 
  4. You should get lot of sun light. Research show that daily sufficient sunlight helps to boost your mood. You may go out side for 15-20 mutinies for get sunlight and fresh air.
  5. If the sunlight is spars in your area, you should look in to a light box. If you simply never get to chance to go out side or the day is frequently overcast, a light box must be a great solution for you. The light box can help depression immensely just a few minuets of light. 
  6. Get very enough sleep every night. The lack of sleep contributes to poor body irritation, function and depression. Getting 7-9 hours sleep every day can improve your mood drastically. 
  7. You may journal your moods and thoughts. If you regular record your thoughts and moods, the triggers that caused you to feel that way. 
  8. Find a friend. Depression, but can be hidden from the world, it will only worsen the depression only. You call a friend, plan to do something social with friends. Even small talk with friends, you can improve your mood. 
  9. Pray. It has been shown to improve mood meditation and prayer, please try again. Take a little time each day for personal reflection and prayer. 
  10. Seek professional help if needed. Be ashamed of the technical resources can be utilized not. This is why we exist. And Information doctor for help, if necessary, please contact your therapist or psychiatrist.
In this process you may feel better in your depression mood. And must get from here the Best treatment for depression without medication.

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