Tests and diagnosis of Male breast cancer

Diagnosing male breast cancer: If breast cancer is suspected, you can perform a number of medical diagnostic tests and procedures:

  • In this test, the doctor uses his fingers to examine your breasts for lumps or other changes. Doctors will evaluate, how that feels they are, how close, skin and muscle mass Kino Hiroshi. Doctors increase the cancer of the liver and enlarged lymph nodes, consider the rest of your body signs that sentiment extends.
  • The X-ray mammogram of the breast tissue, to evaluate the breast tissue, breast pressed as possible. In the mammogram, T standing in front of the machine with the shirt. The two flat plastic plates together to compress the breast tissue. Radiographer X-rays taken. Compression of the breast X-rays can be uncomfortable. Wait, if you feel pain, please contact technical story. 
  • Abnormalities seen in mammograms doctors may recommend breast ultrasound to assess her or found during clinical examination. Ultrasound uses sound waves to form images of structures inside the body. 
  • If you are experiencing, the doctor can collect the discharge from the nipple. Are examined for cancer cells under a microscope to confirm the discharge. 
  • Biopsy procedures include removal of suspicious tissue samples for laboratory testing. Breast biopsy is done by inserting a needle into the lump of cells or tissues in the region in general and rendering her breasts. An analysis in the laboratory, tissue samples, you have to specify what type of breast cancer, and if so, to clarify whether there is breast cancer.

Male breast cancer
Image: Tests and diagnosis of Male breast cancer

Determining the extent of the cancerIf you are diagnosed with breast cancer, the size of the cancer doctor (stage), we decided to. Stage of your cancer, your doctor will help determine treatment options. Essay, blood tests and X-ray computed tomography (CT) or magnetic resonance imaging (MRI), and includes imaging.

The stage of male breast cancer is given bellow:
  • Tumor diameter (3 / 4 inches) over two centimeters (cm) is not spread to lymph nodes.
  • The tumor diameter and 5cm (2 inches) may have spread to nearby lymph nodes may be up to. Large tumors may be more than 5cm or there are cancer cells in lymph nodes.
  • The tumor diameter and 5cm (2 inches) may contain several nearby lymph nodes may be larger than. May contain cancer cells to lymph nodes above the collarbone.
  • At this stage of bone cancer, brain, spreading beyond the breast at distant sites such as liver and lungs.
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