What is breast cancer, a silent disease?

By this content you will know a lot about what is breast cancer? Breast cancer starts from cells of the breast, malignant tumors. Cancer cells can grow into malignant tumors in remote areas of the body (intrusion) of the surrounding tissues or spread (metastasis) is a group. This disease occurs almost exclusively in women, but men can. Lymphatic system, it is because it is one of the ways breast cancer can spread, it is important to understand. This system has several parts.

Lymph nodes are small collections, bean-shaped, immune system cells that are connected by lymphatic vessels (cells important in fighting infection) is. Except that the lymphatic vessels of the breast (blood) are like small veins carries clear fluid called lymph instead. Lymph nodes, contains the waste products and immune system cells and tissue fluid. And breast cancer cells to enter lymph vessels, lymph nodes begin to grow. You will know more information about what is breast cancer, a silent disease.
What is breast cancer

When cancer cells spread to the lymph nodes as if they have, the cells to other sites on the body (metastasis) may be large and widespread that the blood type, It is important to find it. Lymph nodes than breast cancer, you may be able to find cancer in other organs as well. Because it may affect your treatment plan, it is important to know this. However, cancer cells and lymph node all women, some women transition occurs, we can not develop metastases after lymph nodes have cancer cells.
Most breasts (benign) lumps are benign. 
However, some displays, observed under the microscope, the cancer is no need to prove that. Mass turns out to be fibrocystic changes most. The term refers to the cystic fibrosis and cystic fibrosis. Uno Hanayo wound fibrosis (fiber) is an organization formed, fluid-filled cyst is a sac. Fibrocystic changes, you can cause breast swelling and pain. This often occurs just before that woman's menstrual cycle is about to begin. Your breasts, you may feel lumpy and, sometimes, secretions, and may be fine.

The growth has been unusually benign tumors such as breast fibroadenoma and intraductal papilloma, rather than the cancer spread outside the breast to other organs is not. 
They are not life threatening. Women with these conditions, so a higher risk of developing breast cancer, but it is important that some benign breast conditions. Gland adenocarcinoma (to generate tissue secretes a substance) is caused by a type of cancer. Breast ducts and lobules of glandular tissue (made from milk), because from these areas, called adenocarcinoma, a lot of guns. By this time you about the basic knowledge about what is breast cancer, wait for detail about this for the next content.

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