Opinion about Super Star Prova's scandal.

To know opinion about prova's scandal of Bangladeshi people, we've conducted a survey for 7days. Opinion is open for all class of people. In that days about 2000 people have given their opinion. After processing the result what we've found is really surprising....  The full result is given bellow...

1st Pull : Should Opurobo divorce Prova ?
Yes : 55%
No : 22%
Its Up To Him : 23%

2nd Pull : Should Prova continue her career ?
Yes : 45%
No : 25%
Only She Knows : 30%

3rd Pull : Do you think this video is true ?
Yes : 85%
No : 7%
Can't Say : 8%

4th Pull : Do you support this type work from Prova ?
Yes : 10%
No : 77%
Don't Know : 13%

Friends give your valuable comment about this result....


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  3. Prova is a nice girl. some one says she made scandal. But i think this scandal have every stars. most of the stars scandal are not published but scandal of prova is published.


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