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Most of the HIV effected person looking for Best treatment for HIV , Side Effects and Antiretroviral Medications. Now i am try to discuss the Best treatment for HIV , Side Effects and Antiretroviral Medications. Here you can read more about the treatment of HIV. The agents have sufficient strength to kill this virus has not reached; some drugs are very effective in the treatment of HIV.

treatment for HIV
Best treatment for HIV 
You can help people who are infected with HIV in these antiretroviral drugs significantly. If untreated, can destroy your immune system, HIV, may cause serious illness. If any body to fight infection can become vulnerable to all viruses and bacteria can not. T cells to destroy the first HIV, the body are unable to protect themselves. It seems incredible that there is no cure yet, true. However, treatment is possible, these drugs, because people with HIV can live for decades. This means that there is still hope.

Antiretroviral Medications

Antiretroviral drugs have been designed to keep HIV under control. You can prevent HIV from taking over your body well. These drugs also help to prevent mother to child, if pregnant women are receiving regular treatment to prevent transmission of HIV to the fetus. Of course, there a child through the placenta, the possibility of being infected during childbirth or always there, antiretroviral drugs are likely to be very effective in protecting children against the virus.

There are several types of antiretroviral drugs there, combine them, In order to prevent the virus to reproduce and multiply. Also, (using this protein to replicate HIV) to prevent HIV from using a protease.

Treatment for HIV Side Effects:

Are there any side effects of HIV treatment? There may be some side effects such as allergies. If antiretroviral drugs are used in some people as too sensitive or nausea / vomiting, and such side effects may be. You can also change the metabolism. Some patients, glucose metabolism, may cause problems due to disorders of lipid metabolism and bone problems.

However, treatment of HIV has been a help than harm. People are infected with HIV; you should start treatment as soon as possible. If detected early, HIV is to prevent the spread, you can destroy the body's immune system. Infected people can live longer and much more for these drugs. Sometimes, the risk of certain complications and side effects, these decreases can be kept under control. And it is better than medicine can offer now. Treatment has not been found yet.

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