Seat Plan and Result | Khulna University Admission Test 2011-2012

Are you a candidate of Khulna University Admission Test 2011-2012? Are you looking for seat plan or result for Khulna University? You are in the correct place to get Khulna University Admission Test 2011-2012 seat plan.

Now I will try to provide you Seat Plan, But not right now. Because seat plan is not available now, Seat plane will published next 26th October ’2011. When seat plan is available I will try to publish as soon as possible.

Khulna University Admission Test 2011-2012 will be held on next 30 & 31 October and 1st November ‘2011.

Not only seat plan of Khulna University Admission Test 2011-2012 is published hear, but also Khulna University Admission Test 2011-2012 result will publish on time. Just connect with me via GM KONOK Blog to get latest update.

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