GUD | The Greatest Uncommon Denominator Magazine of the World

Are you looking for  GUD | The Greatest Uncommon Denominator Magazine of the World? The Greatest Uncommon Denominator Magazine GUD  is an award-winning American literary magazine, the first publication from Greatest Uncommon Denominator Publishing, New Hampshire in July 2006, founded in Laconia.

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Uncommon denominator is the greatest literary and genre fiction, poetry, essays, and includes feature writers and artists and art world. GUD, income from the sale of magazines, a shareholder who effectively contribute to this problem. Pay rate semipro content and pay royalties on.

Despite the Greatest Uncommon Denominator magazine, the publication schedule, a small press article provides a review online.

The magazine is published twice a year print, available in electronic format and many other.

The 1871 proposal in late January 2007, was read in response to July 2006. from the first print run was 200 copies have been made for additional print run of 200 soon. In June 2009, more than 11,000 responses have been sent with the record of more than 800 proposals since May 2009. Address your goal of paying royalties to its contributors, the "pay what you want" GUD circulation increased to 700-400 in the last week of the first number in November 2009 and sold.

Greatest Uncommon Denominator magazine publishing, Inc., Mike Coombes, Sal Coraccio, kaolin fire, a publication of the organization was founded in 2006 by and Sumira. In February 2007, an active member Julia Bernd, salt Coraccio, kaolin fire, and includes Sumira and Debbie Moorhouse.

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