New “vSphere 5: Overview (VVO)” training offered by Fast Lane

September 2011 – Hamburg / Berlin, Lately, the network specialist VMware, the new version 5 of its virtualization solution vSphere presented. Fast Lane ( ) as an Authorized Training Center gives match from now to the practical one-day course vSphere 5: Overview (VVO) at a preferential price.

Here the participants understand to know the new functions in detail, including vSphere client for managing virtual machines. Moreover, they’re essential know-how to eat towards the vSphere storage, network and virtualization concepts.
The one-day coaching is based on VMware ESX T 5.0 and VMware VirtualCenter T five.0. It’s primarily aimed at technical staff who’s responsible for the evaluation of vSphere five, for instance, program administrators, IT managers and method architects. After completing the course, graduates have practical information vSphere client that makes it possible for them to deploy and manage virtual machines.

Also offered vSphere Storage VMotion on the curriculum: The answer supports data migration of virtual machines live. Additionally, the participants deal with the configuration of ESXi clusters for automatic workload balancing. The area of ??security is raised: the coaches here clarify how you can support the vCenter Server alarms and performance diagrams to actively monitor the information center.
Course Content Overview
Overview of the virtual infrastructure
Developing virtual machines
Allocating computing resources to business functions
Migrating Virtual Machines
Balancing workloads of virtual machines
Monitoring the Virtual Information Center
High Availability and Fault Tolerance
Extending vSphere functions

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