How can you ensure that your adsense account will not be disabled?

Visitor who visits digital points regularly; they know that the issue of disabling someone’s adsense account is common. Now here I am going to point out few facts how you can keep your account safe so that your account is not disabled 

Never click on your own ads : Most often you may check out your site. But be careful so that you do not click on any ads by google. It is strictly prohibited by Adsense teams and condition. Unforyunatly if you click on ads by google. Immediately inform google about the fact. If you are interested about any advertiser, just jotted down the URL of the advertiser. And visit the sites into your browser’s address bar. You may use adsense preview tool also.

  1. Do not use pop-up prompts or automatic software: Your site may not force users to install software on their computer. You must not use any programs to change the browser home pages automatically.
  1. Do not inspire your friends or visitors to click on ads by Google: Google use very advanced technology to investigate the behavior of visitors in your sites. Never think of making fool Google. Google is smart enough to catch you. Your visitors should click on ads by Google, if they are interested in the ads. Encouraging others to click on your ads by Google can cause your account to be disabled.
  2. Promoting your site: Do not load ads in an unrequested pop-up. Think once again when buying traffic with third parties. Make sure that your ads is not showing in pop-ups.
  3. Do not place ads on sites that contain pornographic content:  Do not display ads by Google in any pornographic content, gambling-related content, or drug content related sites.
  4. Do not alter AdSense code: You can generate your code consisting of wide variety of approved ad formats, colors, and features in your AdSense account section. Do not alter any portion of the generated code or change the layout, behavior, targeting, or delivery of ads for any reason.
  5. Respond to adsense email quickly: If you get any email from google adsense team, respond to the emails as soon as possible.
  6. Make your site user friendly: Avoid excessive pop-ups in your site. Provide positive user experience to your site visitors.
  7. Do not place ads by Google under a misleading heading: Do not mislead your visitors to click on ads by Google. Do not use any misleading headings such as “resources” or “helpful links” or “Sponsor links” etc. Check out your site layout carefully to ensure this doesn’t happen.
  8. Do not use Google copyrighted content: Do not use any Google Brand Features such as Google trademarks, logos, webpage or screen shots.

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