African Mango VS Bangladeshi Mango | which is the best?

This is GM KONOK is fan of Bangladeshi mango which is from Rajshahi Bangladesh. But some people says that African Mango is the best mango of the world. But this is that point which is not correct.

Who announce that African Mango is the best, just I say please come to my Sonar Bangla "Bangladesh" and I will visit you in our mango city "Rajshahi" than you test our mango and comment about Bangladeshi Mango VS African Mango.

I will respect African Mango, but Bangladeshi mango is the best. Mango is the best fruit for not only me but also all Bangladeshi. I think African Mango must be the most favorite fruit for African people.

If you take African Mango than you will be healthy and look like to much beautiful.

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  1. Nice your great post on mango. Bangladeshi mango realy great fruits.


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