Pakistan's alleged role for hiding Osama bin Laden

Critics of the security forces and Pakistan have accused Mosharraf Zaidi, for Osama bin Laden. For the establishment of the cases, a columnist for the Pakistani leader said: "It may be that bin Laden has been very and he also died without knowing where some think that part of the state of Pakistan, "The number is expected to Pakistan and Japan-US relations deteriorate.Osama Bin Laden, some, at least three years, was killed in his residence were proposed. This is a composite of the face, but maybe he built and drove less than 100 kilometers from the capital.

Pakistani President, Mr. Ashifuarizarudari, that Osama bin Laden to protect the country's security forces have denied. Pakistan's envoy, U.S. ambassador Husain Haqqani, Pakistan's intelligence services, strengthening community in Islamabad could not find bin Laden about how few times the "full investigation" and promised, declared that "clearly, Osama bin Laden had a support system, what was the state government and the social support system in Pakistan and Pakistan questioner?

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