Osama Bin Laden's wife spent 6 years in Pak hideout-Unbelievable!

So he had his interrogation in Pakistan live in the best hiding place of al-Qaeda one person six years of living with three wives of Osama bin Laden, is an important source of information on how to avoid capture long Pakistani intelligence officials said yesterday potential.

Abdullfattah to, Amal Ahmed's wife is identified as bin Laden's Yemeni born, he was leaving the upper floors of the house all the time he was there and said no.

They are the city's Osama bin Laden Abbottabad campus Monday after being arrested after the U.S. invasion, is being questioned by Pakistani woman and her two other bin Laden. Pakistani authorities also left to hold eight or nine children were in command after the United States.

What about what happened during the attack considered incomplete account of U.S. officials to change the account, proof of bin Laden's wives, to reveal the details of the operation is important.

They are also stories, Osama bin Laden is hiding how they spend his time, manage Kon Kuni garrison military academy to live in a large house, drive two of Islamabad serves to indicate time.

Pakistani officials, CIA agents had access to a woman in custody. Military relations, already tense and intelligence, among many Pakistanis and Pakistan the United States, please see after you send a helicopter raid as a violation of national sovereignty, have been strained.

The proximity of bin Laden's hideout in the Pakistani capital and the military garrison, Bin Laden, in the race, has raised suspicions in Washington that is protected by security forces in Pakistan.

Yemeni wife, Pakistani intelligence officials say that whether or not living there since 2006 Osama Bin Laden would not say yesterday. We are still receiving information from them, he said.

Another woman security official said had been killed and her husband has not been shot in the leg during the operation. He was one of Osama bin Laden's older daughter, she had told him that his father had been killed by Americans.

They give their names because they were not allowed the media, both official said on condition of anonymity.

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