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We have seen planted as deforestation, has the opposite negative aspects. We have specified that if can not overlook the need for wood and consume more wood for the submission. So, to handle the Forest Carbon Offset how to find the balance of the forest, even purposes? Tung, and all the unique advantages that come with their creativity, to solve this puzzle, they are a win-win situation for both the carbon, which means almost half of the use of control materials. They cost wood, pulp, and fast-growing trees to provide fuel to the incredible speed.

Paulownia Trees
Paulownia Trees
Continues to rage global warming, environmental experts are the only way a tragic situation is obviously on the advice of our forests are facing. This is a biological control method does not require a lot of resources to implement and maintain. Planting fast growing trees, the forest cover in order to restore our right, we have to waste time. In the tests, there are several other trees, paulownia trees are only a number of additional benefits to offer humanity and the earth.
Friends Thurs Tung concerns above, usually have many of the benefits of the forest sector that covers most, including the rapid growth in just one year in 10 years and 60-meter-high 18-10, mature and mature shade trees would take 20 years. Tung high carbon per year, 48 pounds per tree per hectare and the percentage of CO2 to absorb 13 tons. From stump to play right away when you resume growth quickly, reduce one of these fast-growing trees. Other benefits, C does not bend or break the resistance has included few years of the harvest is heated to the flash point of 477 degrees.

When developing a strong relationship between paulownia trees forest running through the purification of wood carbon and equally we have to maintain consistency, I'm having the situation under control we I think ... but has not been fully resolved. About them, by all these wonderful, we shall, without delay, must accept certain types of trees that grow rapidly. Continuing research and education, Tung, and will be able to realize the many benefits of this tree that provides the earth. There may be still present even more surprising to find within our Tung.

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