10 Steps to complet jobs in Microworkers.com

Microworkers.com is a great source of of earning money online.How ever
it is very simple task,but it's may difficult for you as a new
freelancer.Here i will show how to complete a task properly.

1. Log into your  account microworkers.com
2. Click available jobs link to check out available jobs for you.

3. Than click on the job name link,you are interested to do.

4. Now you will get details description about the task.

5.If you are interested to do the job, click on "I accept the job".

6. Now copy the referral link and paste to the browser address bar.

7. Than you fulfill requirements set by the employer.

8. A confirmation mail will be sent to your email adders.Click the
  confirmation link.

9. Now enter the proof of your completed job.and click on "I confirm
that I have completed this task".

10. After few hours check out your task "I finished" section.
As every thing is done correctly you will see the following report.Now
check your earning.$ 1.23 has added with your previous earnings.

It takes at best 12 minutes to complete.

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